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Canon World Ltd is a registered company with our offices, show room and stores located on Nkrumah Road, Plot 11/13, Kampala. It was set up about eight years ago but was fully registered as a partnership in 2004 after realizing that there were several registered companies without proper location and means (stock, staff and financial ability) to satisfy customers with genuine products. In 2008 it was incorporated as a Limited Co. without changing the status

Our customers are the reason we exist. As a company, our commitment has always been to satisfy our customers with timely delivery of genuine products.

In this era where office automation is the order of the day, often with expensive equipment such as computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, Screen Printing, Stickers, Banners and Engraving ... More

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  • New!!! Canon IR 2545
    The Canon black and white office solutions from Canon Europe is the ideal office printer copier...
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Courts of Judicature
  • UNDP
  • AAR
  • Post Bank
  • DFCU
  • SNV

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